Who We Are

I.C.D.A. of B.C. is a registered non-profit society.

What Is Our Purpose?

  • To promote public awareness of early intervention and of the Infant Development and Supported Child Development Programs in BC.
  • To promote ethical and professional standards among our membership.
  • To promote the exchange of information between professionals working in the field of early intervention.

What We Do

  • Foster co-operation and communication between all members
  • Promote ethical and professional standards among its membership
  • Promote educational standards
  • Promote accreditation standards
Child walking through flowered paved path


The Society was incorporated on October 24, 1980 under the name British Columbia Association of Infant Development Consultants. In 2007 this Association expanded to include all Aboriginal IDP Consultants, Supported Child Development Consultants and Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultants. A name change was then needed to better fit the membership as a whole. Meetings are held yearly, accessible via teleconference.