Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meeting October 13, 2016 5:00 pm Via teleconference

Call in number 1-877-353-9184
Participant ID number: 5904879#


  • Chair – Laurie Russell
  • Secretary – Judie Smith
  • Shelley Anderson
  • Sarah Browne
  • Kjersten Dunk
  • Lynn Clark
  • Lee Bjornson
  • Kathy Cruikshank
  • Liz Hennessey
  • Diana Elliot



  1. Introductions – members are following power point located at
  2. Agenda is accepted with no additions or deletions.
  3. Quorum is met (min. 3 persons)
  4. Minutes of previous AGM dated October 1, 2015. Motion to approve minutes dated October 1, 2015 as presented – Lynn Clark, seconded by Liz Hennessy, carried.
  5. President’s report presented by Laurie Russell (attached).
  6. Membership report presented by Judie Smith (attached).
  7. Treasurer report presented by Laurie Russell for Anne Falvo (attached)
  8. Committee Reports: Newsletter – Sarah Browne (attached)
  9. Highlights of past year – Laurie Russell (attached).
  10. Future Directions – Laurie Russell (attached). Discussion: Lee B. presented additional items: educational requirements of consultants across the Province; Roles of the Regional Advisors; Provincial Manual Update.  Diana Elliot – AIDP and ASCD manuals have been recently updated. AIDP manual is now available on their website, ASCD will soon be available on their website. Advocating for Provincial In-service and Summer Institute, training and support.
  11. Nominations for Table Officers: Laurie Russell; Kjersten Dunk; Lynn Clark; Liz Hennessy; Shelley Anderson; Kathy Cruickshank; stand for the 2016-2017 year. Additional executive members to be contacted who were not able to attend the AGM call. Laurie Russell has an additional nomination for Tracy G. to be confirmed.
  12. Short Executive meeting to follow the AGM.
  13. Motion to adjourn meeting – Liz Hennessey, seconded by Judie Smith. Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm