Infant Development

Serves children from birth to three years old, who are at risk for, or who already have a delay in development

Supported Child Development

A community-based program that assists families of children from birth to 12

Aboriginal Infant Development

Providing support and educational information to AIDP workers in regards to aboriginal infant development programs.

Aboriginal Supported Child Development

A provincial program designed to specifically meet the needs of Aboriginal children with special needs


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When you become a member of Infant and Child Development Association of British Columbia, you gain recognition for your professional qualifications as well as support from other professionals.

As a unified group, members of ICDABC have a voice to:

  • Lobby for improved services for families (i.e. wait-list document)
  • Provide input to accreditation and educational standards
  • Lobby for equitable salaries
  • Share information through a semi-annual newsletter


I.C.D.A.B.C. is a registered non-profit society

Our purpose is to promote public awareness of early intervention and of the Infant Development and Supported Child Development Programs in BC.